The Wines and Vinegars

Our wines are made using raw materials sourced from, or as close to the farm as possible. In fact, most come from within a 60 Km radius, except for the wild blueberries; sourced in Northern Ontario. We even grow our own ginger!

Small amounts of sulfites are produced naturally in the process of fermentation. In the wine industry, sulfites are sometimes added to kill off lingering yeast in order to prevent secondary fermentation once the wine is bottled. We feel that this overuse of sulfites can ruin the taste and overall experience of enjoying the wine for many consumers. Sulfites can cause a burning sensation in the throat, headaches, as well as general discomfort for particular consumers.

This approach enables us to serve the best tasting wine to as many people as possible!

Our goal is to create and sell wines that convey the passion that goes into making them to our customers. If you’re looking for a new, unique, exciting wine we would love to have you visit our farm and experience the clean, clear taste of our handcrafted fruit wines.

Wine is available by the bottle or by the glass.

Our products are available online 24/7/365.  Alcohol can be shipped anywhere in Canada.