A - Ginger Wine

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Ginger wine is made from locally-sourced ginger root.  The scent and taste of the ginger wine is light and pleasant, with a hint of sweetness.

Ginger wine is a perfect partner to spicy foods such as: Thai, Jamaican jerk Chicken, and Sushi.  The gentle 'cooling' effect of the ginger works to tame the heat.  Sip a small glass of ginger wine after a large meal as a digestif.

Ginger is an excellent cooking wine too!  Stir 30 - 60 ml into your Risotto right after you pull it off the heat to add a little zip. You can poach freshly peeled pears or apples and then, reduce the remaining liquid to make a flavourful syrup that you can pour over the poached fruit.

375ml - 11% alc

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